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Agent Business Incubator


For more than twenty years, you worked your ass off investigating hard to solve crimes, chasing criminals, spies, and terrorists; prosecuting cases.  Surveillances, informants, interviews, consensual recordings.  For decades that was your life.  You imposed on yourself strenuous training regimes,  deployments and ancillary duties. Sometimes there was danger and it could be brutal and tragic.  The ultimate compliment was when a colleague said they would want you assigned if their kids were missing.  Being so close for so long to violence, hate and injustice has changed you.  You feel guilt for neglecting your family, friends and health.   

To do the job, you fought a bureaucratic machine that couldn't care less about you or your career development.  If you needed prompt support, the response from the front office was usually limited to chanting the latest mindless leadership mantra at you. The only thing management ever did promptly was to forget about your requests.  You rang up victory after victory.   Working cases drove you and gave you a meaningful, rewarding professional life.  You were well on your way to kicking some other dirtbags' ass when they finally got around to making the Press Release about your prior case.  It listed the name of the Special Agent in Charge but very rarely the names of the brick agents.  That was ok, you never cared about getting credit.  But it was aggravating that those named, not only hadn't helped, but their contribution was usually limited to putting pointless bureaucratic obstacles in your way.  You had to win despite them.  The bosses were soon promoted again or obtained a lucrative private sector job, primarily by having written up your or your squad's accomplishments as their victory.   They might recognize your face, but most of the time they could not remember your name.  They couldn't recall from memory the names of the subjects from your cases that they listed on their resume.

After twenty years, for the very first time, you finally peeked up from the battlefield.  You thought about retirement. Successful brick agents quickly realize their career accomplishments would fill pages of a resume with descriptions of complex, high-profile cases prosecuted.  They quietly conclude that isn't enough to compete in the private sector when compared to the flowery fiction and multiple assignments proclaimed by the upper-level bureau managers who retire.  Those pretenders have resumes that list five minutes as acting go-fer for the on-scene empty-suit along with a few minutes in several other jobs.  Brick agents know most of those assignments were meaningless, a joke really, but to the outside world that jargon tricks the uneducated into hiring them.  Brick agents feel a bit betrayed over this.  They realize that by fighting every day to do the heavy lifting for the FBI mission, rather than positioning themselves for lucrative retirement options, they may have missed a personal opportunity.  But successful street agents resolve that they would never have traded their investigative experience for anything, especially not for something as temporal as getting a retirement job.  You are satisfied because, in the end, even though you gave everything to the job, it gave you far more in return.  I've talked with hundreds of agents who find themselves in this position. 

Brick agents deserve a meaningful, FREE, resource to transition to a fulfilling retirement career.   They deserve more than the lip-service of helping them write a resume or attending some ridiculous seminar offered through the office that exists only to steer them to a place to invest their Thrift Savings money.   This portal, The Agent Business Incubator,  will be built to serve hard working brick agents.  Some great agents have had to make the journey without any help.  Many of them pledged to support this Incubator that will be a forum to be educated, counseled and supported.   You owe it to yourself and your family.  You paid your dues, start investing time helping yourself.    


Holding FBI Management Accountable Through Transparency