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About this Project

It was an extraordinary honor for me to serve as an FBI agent.  Citizens bestow great authority and responsibility upon FBI agents, symbolized by entrusting us with a small gold badge.  For twenty-eight years, I often looked in awe at the badge I was issued, reminding myself what it represented and that it belonged to the citizens;  it wasn't mine;  it was theirs.   Great agents personally battle and sacrifice to serve those granting them the authority that accompanies their badge.  Agents have a short period of time to aid victims, to make a difference.  I warned other agents not to waste a moment; reminding them that their time will soon run out.  A day quickly arrives when you turn in that small gold badge and rejoin your fellow citizens.   

FBI employees are exceptionally capable.  It was exhilarating to serve with fellow Americans who possessed such astonishing talents.  They came from honorable, and prestigious prior careers as educators, Navy Seals, pilots, lawyers, engineers, scientists, NFL Players, CPAs, and other impressive backgrounds.  Their diverse expertise, dedication, and integrity, collectively, are unmatched in any other organization, period.   It was humbling to serve among such a supremely talented, ethical group of agents and professional support employees.  

However, several years ago I became convinced that bureaucratic corruption was significantly hindering the ability of extraordinary line level FBI employees to accomplish their mission, and the situation steadily became worse.  Line level FBI agents and professional support staff accomplish almost all the heavy lifting in the FBI, but FBI management was strangling them.  There was a devastating decline in employee morale.  A point was reached where employees realized that if they were going to be successful, they would have to accomplish the Mission in spite of management.  Line level employees loved their FBI career choice and loved serving the United States, but they deeply distrusted management due to continued impotent leadership.  Worse, it became evident to employees that many FBI executives placed their self-interest above that of the FBI Mission.  It has become a deeply ingrained institutional problem.  

I tried to affect positive change in FBI management from the inside.  That did not go well.  I soon came to confirm that many executives had no interest with self-evaluation or fairness, they were preoccupied with self-promotion.  Not every FBI executive was a disaster, just too many for the few excellent ones to make much difference outside their small, temporary fiefdom.   Occasionally, when a great leader did surface, employees would gravitate toward them.  There were long lines of employees waiting to work for those leaders.  Those groups did inspirational, innovative work; it was a model that desperately needed to be replicated throughout the organization.  When I told senior agents who complained about management that I was going to retire and try to instill change from the outside, some laughed at me.   However, hundreds listened to my plans, supplied me with ideas and pledged their support.  

I spent twenty years making cases as a line level brick agent before joining FBI management.  I had extensive investigative success as both a lead investigator and as a supervisor, across almost all FBI Program lines, not just one.  That broad investigative and managerial success combined with eight years spent late in my career inside the management ranks gave me a unique perspective to evaluate, from the working agent's viewpoint, what was failing in management.   

This site will improve the management of the FBI by imposing transparency and accountability on executives from people with experience and knowledge about how they operate.  It will expose some of their charades.  It is only a beginning.  I'm confident others will perfect this effort.   Improving management will free FBI employees to serve the Mission rather than the secret agendas and vain career goals of the self-promoters. The FBI will be better for it.


With bureaucratic predictability, the FBI insists I note the obvious fact that articles published on this site do not represent the opinion or official position of the FBI.   

This Site does not generate revenue.   It does generate expenses, which are self-funded.  

Articles published by an author based on information gained, even partly, while employed at the FBI are submitted first to the FBI for pre-publication censorship.  Information gained for articles after the author's retirement are not submitted for FBI review. 

Holding FBI Management Accountable Through Transparency